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Epic Seven Sorter

IMPORTANT: This might easily take over 30mins. Grab a cup of coffee.
Click on who you like more between the two, or pass if you don't like either.
Note: Hitting 'Pass' too frequently will negatively affect your results in accurate sort. But you can should do so to speed up the process.
This site will no longer be updated along with new characters release. Instead, this experimental version will.

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  • New char up till ML Cermia | 9th Feb '22.
  • Reworked Base Algorithm; allowing me to introduce a undo button, and redo pass/faster sort algo | 14 Jan '22

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Note: It still needs more testing
The faster sort type is only moderately faster eg. Full sorting may take 900 battles but the faster sort takes 600, at the cost of not being able to see characters below Top 10. It works better when there are more characters in the pool at the start.